About Us

Acrospire Solutions

Acrospire's philosophy is to partner its clients, understand their business and become an extension to their sales force. There are numerous companies offering opportunity  searches  which often return many potential opportunities. Acrospire are here to  assist your business in selecting the right opportunities  that match your business strategy and vision.  Our success rate on submissions is over 95% in both public and private sectors;  if you would like us to present  example submissions please just ask.   We believe that consistency helps improve your  success chances bid on bid.  Depending on your industry we will partner you with our most experienced consultant in your industry , and they will be available to you for all aspects  of your journey in bid writing and project management.   

Our team understand that PQQ and tender submissions are a huge drain on your business resource and we are  here to take that aspect away.  Your  Acrospire partner will meet with your team to understand your philosophies  and coordinate  your operations, commercial, sales, and production teams  to give clear targets and milestones. Acrospire will apply our knowledge to guide and assist you in submitting winning bids leaving you to manage your business.


Acrospire will be  as involved as suits your business, we have the expertise and resource  to assist you from opportunity searching through to project managing  your successful bids.