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Its time to take a look at yourself

So 2014 has been another good year, sales are strong, accreditations are up to date and the plan for sales in 2015 is in place.  Have you analysed your bid success rate and can you quantify why leads have been lost?  Have you scored the maximum on the commercial section but lost valuable points on the quality part of your tender submission?

We have concluded through forums with our client base that often they are so focused on the bid deadline and ensuring that they meet the minimum requirements they do not have time to write about innovation, contribution to the local area, environmental initiatives to mention a few.  Often the assistance of an external pair of eyes helps to bring focus to these areas. 

For our existing client base we recommend an annual review of their tendering library.  Of course the commercial achievement of any business is critical to its existence but has your bid team “sold” all of your achievements.  Perhaps your company has won awards for innovation, exceeded carbon saving targets, zero accidents in an extended period, started offering modern apprenticeships…. The list goes on.  Local authorities are looking for any initiative that minimises risk exposure and offer benefits to their community.  

When submitting a tender you have a captive audience with the buyer, if you have come through a PQQ process the buyer knows you are commercially viable, the tender is the opportunity to tell them what else you can deliver to their project.  Contact our bid team and test their creative skills to strengthen you next bid.