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Like everything in life preparation leads to success

All businesses welcome growth, after all increased growth normally translates to increased profitability.  Many of our clients approach us when there is a dip in their sales and they are looking for new opportunities, of course we will help these companies find leads but making sure the bid is of the highest quality and most competitive with unique features takes times.   Like everything in life preparation leads to success, our tender health check has proven this on numerous occasions.     Our team can help you get a tender score that improves your chance of success.

Trends/fashions are apparent in the tendering process; responsible procurement professionals identify what it is important to their organisation and target their requirements accordingly.   In the case of local authority other considerations carry considerable weighting to the process i.e employment, sustainability, environmental impact, payback periods and whole life costings.  No two tenders are the same and nor should they be, we recommend a minimum level of processes and procedures that all company's should consider having.

Please contact our bid team for a free consultation of your business readiness to compete in the tender market.  The consultation can be conducted face to face or over a phone and takes approximately 1.5 hours, within 24 hours your tender readiness score will be returned with recommendations for improvement.  Even if you have experience in tendering challenge one of our bid team to help recommend how to strengthen your bids.