PQQ, Tender and Bid Submissions

Acrospire want to understand your business and find opportunities that match your company profile exactly.  There are many company’s offering search services, but they are very generic and the  searches can just fill your inbox.  Through the health check and taking time to understand your business , we will only ever propose opportunities that you have a strong chance of succeeding  in.

Feedback to us has often suggested that people regularly tender without fully understanding the risk that they are signing up to.  Acrospire have a unique risk and opportunity  document that we will complete with you for every opportunity being considered.  We will highlight the potential losses i.e.  penalties, damages etc. but will also work with you to identify the opportunity to maximise profitability in your submission.
Tender and PQQ submissions graphic

Acrospire is formed on trust and integrity,  we will never encourage you to attempt a submission if we do not believe you have a strong chance in succeeding.  We want to develop long term partnerships and ensure your success rate is as high as possible.

When we find the right tender for your business  you tell us how we can help;  we can take the project on in its entirety or support your submission team through mentoring and proof reading.

The deadline will remain everyone's focus and Acrospire will ensure it is met with the best possible bid.