APT Technologies have been working with Acrospire Solutions since 2013 when we invited them to assist with an urgent on-line tender submission. They took the time to fully understand our company ethos, standards and products enabling them to deliver the tender to a very high standard within the very short deadline given. Since then Acrospire have completed in excess of 30 submissions ranging from £20,000 to £750,000, achieving a success rate of over 80%, which has made had a real impact on the turnover of our business.

Tim and Hatty offer an extremely professional service. They are creative in their work and have the ability to add real value to each tender they complete. They are always available when I need them and have never missed a deadline, however short. They have become an integral part of our business and I would not hesitate in recommending Acrospires services.

APT Technologies - Harrow


Hatty Stallard from Acrospire Solutions approached our business with a proposal to register us on tender portals to seek new opportunities for our business.  As a business we were initially hesitant, as we had had no exposure to the tendering process.  Hatty took time to ask some pertinent questions and make recommendations to improve our processes and documentation.  In no time we were winning small bids and our sales were increasing.  We really like the fact that Acrospire offer exclusivity to each sector.  I am confident that Acrospire Solutions will assist any company to grow their sales.

Tim Rook – Space Engineering – Somerset

Tim Barker has been involved in providing training to both our internal and external sales teams on the subject of tendering and opportunity searching. Tim has provided group and one to one training for staff at Urbis Schreder. I have only ever had positive feedback from the staff. His training is well structured and at the right tempo. He assesses the capability of the trainees very quickly and will adapt his sessions to suit. His energy, "passion" and delivery of even the driest of subjects is outstanding.

Urbis Schreder - Basingstoke

"We have been working with Acrospire for over 18 months, and have found them to be highly professional, very easy to work with and reliable. Tim and Hatty are a pleasure to deal with, and have helped us enormously with the tendering process."

We have worked with Acrospire Solutions for nearly two years and they are now 100% responsible for new opportunity searching and online bid submissions for our business.  We have seen a 30% growth in sales over the past year directly attributed to online opportunity wins.  The team are dedicated and have taken considerable amounts of their time to understand both our product and business.   I have no reservations in recommending Tim and his team to any potential new business."

"We have previously subscribed to other tender opportunity searching services but found our inbox were just becoming overloaded with emails with partly relevant contracts.   Our success rates on submissions was not as high as we wanted.   We did not want to employ a full time bid writer so contacted Acrospire Solutions.  Our industry is extremely competitive so we needed to make sure that we selected our opportunity carefully.  The risk and opportunity analysis provided every time by Acrospire  means we have full awayness of the real value of a contract before making a decision whether to bid or not."